Shark Diving Holidays

Shark diving holidays always get divers buzzing. From South Africa to the Galapagos and the Red Sea, we know where to take you to fulfil your shark diving dreams.

Here are our top shark diving destinations. 

The ultimate guide to shark diving

Shark diving is one of the most exhilarating experiences a person can have, and many people flock to the oceans to embark on a marine adventure. There are over 440 species and subspecies of sharks, so there’s plenty to see in the planet’s oceans, but this can mean it is difficult to know where to actually go diving. Here at Diverse Travel, we believe in providing a fully organised, professional dive holiday experience. So to help you find the perfect shark diving location, we’ve put together a list of some of the best places in the world to swim with sharks!

Shark Diving in the Maldives

The Maldives is one of the world’s most diverse diving locations in the world. From the inside atoll lagoons, which offer calm, shallow shore dives, to the outer atoll walls with their strong currents, breathtaking topography and whole range of wildlife. It is in these outer areas that sharks can be found, and many divers head to the south of the Maldives to try to see some of the areas many different types of sharks. Shark diving holidays in the Maldives often encounter everything from tiger sharks to hammerhead sharks, and even rare sightings of passing whale sharks!

Shark Diving in the Cocos Island, Costa Rica

The Cocos Island is one of the most popular diving locations in the world, attracting divers from all across the globe. It’s home to an incredibly diverse range of aquatic life, some of which can only be found in the waters around Cocos Island. Avid film fans may recognise Cocos island from the Jurassic Park film series! The only way to access this beautiful dive location is through a 32-hour cruise, meaning divers will have to use a liveaboard. Yet it’s worth the trip, as those divers willing to undertake the long journey are rewarded with sightings of hammerheads, mantas, white tips and whale sharks!

Shark Diving in the Red Sea, Egypt

The warm waters of the Red Sea are home to different types of sharks and thousands of divers regularly make the trek to Egypt to enjoy its many aquatic delights. Egypt’s bustling tourism industry makes a lot of it’s income from divers visiting the country’s breathtaking ocean views. From shipwrecks to sharks, there’s plenty for every type of diver. Shark divers often report sightings of the rare thresher shark, as well as more common species such as the oceanic white tip, grey reef shark and the tiger shark.

Shark Diving in Gansaabi, South Africa

Gansaabi is on most diver’s bucket list. It’s often thought to be the home of great white shark cage diving, and attracts many thrill-seeking divers hoping to see the majestic animal up close. Gansaabi itself is a small fishing village located off the western cape of South Africa, and has become something of a diving hotspot, with many shops dedicated to providing diving equipment and services.

If this list of some of the best shark diving locations has captured your imagination, contact Diverse Travel today and we’ll be happy to talk through our exciting range of fully organised shark diving holidays!

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