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Take a Passport to Paradise

Murex Bangka Resort

Discover the Paradise of Indonesia’s North Sulawesi with this three centre holiday 

Have you heard about the incredible reefs and marine life in Indonesia? Are you trying to decide where to go? The Indonesian Archipelago covers such a huge area with a wide range of different diving opportunities. To experience all that’s on offer, there is no better region to showcase Indonesia’s diversity than the province of North Sulawesi. Discovering this area couldn’t be easier than with a Passport to Paradise –  a unique diving experience and the only one of its kind in Indonesia. Read on to find out more…

Diving in North Sulawesi

North Sulawesi offers not one but three distinct diving destinations: the Bunaken National Marine Park, Bangka Island, and the Lembeh Strait – all of which are renowned for their world class dive sites and impressive marine life.

Bunaken National Marine Park

The Bunaken National Marine Park was one of the first Marine Protected Areas declared by the  Indonesian Government – and it shows. Dive Bunaken’s staggering coral walls, enjoy seemingly endless visibility, prolific fish life, and experience close up encounters with the thriving resident population of green sea turtles.

Bangka Island

The sloping reefs, pinnacles, and underwater seamounts surrounding Bangka Island are a kaleidoscopic explosion of color. Diving around Bangka is a sensory overload where every available surface is adorned with soft corals displaying vibrant hues of pink, orange, violet and yellow. Marine life is equally impressive with dense schools of snappers and reef sharks, through to pygmy seahorses, macro critters – and everything in between!

The Lembeh Strait

The sheer abundance and density of rare and unusual marine critters found in Lembeh is unrivalled anywhere else on earth. Divers flock to Lembeh to spot marine life that can’t be found so easily elsewhere. We are not just talking about frogfish, we are talking about eight different species of frogfish, multiple species of ghost pipefish, the list of octopus species that reside here goes on… and on! It’s no wonder that underwater photographers from around the world visit time and time again.

Take a Passport to Paradise

Diving the three distinct destinations in North Sulawesi (Bunaken – Bangka – Lembeh) couldn’t be easier than with a Passport to Paradise. Imagine seeing all the highlights of this incredible area with no missed diving days and the added opportunity to dive in areas which no one else visits. The Passport to Paradise, designed by Murex Resorts, is an experience unlike any other. 

Seamless Boat Diving Transfers

Dive your way from resort to resort and discover all three of North Sulawesi’s iconic destinations in one trip.

Instead of transferring from one resort to the next by road, divers simply join the dive boat in the morning and make two dives along the way to their next resort. Not only does this mean that divers don’t miss out on valuable dive time, but it also means that those taking a Passport to Paradise have the opportunity to dive at some of the most remote and untouched dive sites that are not accessible when diving from just one resort.

During your Passport to Paradise you won’t get stuck in traffic and there is no need to dry and pack your gear because you’ll be using it. There’s also no time-consuming check in at your next resort because your information is sent ahead of you. Instead, you’ll find a warm and friendly welcome, your choice of room ready for your arrival, and a well-deserved lunch prepared and ready to be served.

It doesn’t get any easier than this. You don’t even need to be a diver to enjoy the boat transfers. If you enjoy sailing, swimming, snorkelling, exploring, or you just want to pass the time at sea, this is the perfect holiday experience.

Why limit yourself to one destination when it is so easy and effortless to enjoy all three? 

Three Reputable Resorts

During your Passport to Paradise you will stay at three of the most highly regarded resorts in North Sulawesi. You can choose the order in which you stay, as well as the number of nights you stay in each resort, and the number of dives you wish to make.

All resorts offer boat diving trips in the mornings, afternoons and longer day safaris with lunch on the boat. There is also the opportunity to try dawn dives, night dives, blackwater and bonfire dives, mandarin dives, PADI course dives, and specialty Ocean Gardener dives. At each of the three resorts the dive guides are trained in marine biology and underwater photography, whilst all members of the dive centre teams undergo rigorous annual health and safety training. And if that’s not enough, all resorts offer unlimited self-guided house reef dives, just a step off the beach!

The three resorts included in a Passport to Paradise holiday are:

Murex Manado Resort

Stay at Murex Manado Resort for diving in the world class Bunaken Marine Park. Murex Manado sits on the edge of Manado Bay with stunning views of the marine park islands and Manado Tua volcano across the ocean

Murex Bangka Resort

Stay at Murex Bangka Resort and enjoy a truly tropical experience. Situated on a palm-fringed white sandy beach, Bangka’s stunning pinnacles and sea mounts are a kaleidoscopic explosion of colour just metres from the resort. 

Lembeh Resort

Stay at Lembeh Resort for a touch of luxury at one of Indonesia’s premier resorts. This exclusive dive resort in the heart of the Lembeh Strait is nestled in a private cove that is surrounded by lush rainforest. A stay at Lembeh Resort offers the perfect opportunity to combine incredible diving in the ‘Critter Capital of the World’ with more than a little indulgence.

Your Passport to Paradise

Why choose one, when you can experience all three! Dive Bunaken, Bangka and Lembeh with your very own Passport to Paradise.

Let us help plan your perfect holiday. Get in touch with us today or give us a call on 01473 852002 and chat to our Indonesia dive travel experts and together we can design the holiday of a lifetime to North Sulawesi for you. Your Passport to Paradise awaits!

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