Charles Darwin's Dream
Diving the Galapagos Islands

Tailor-made holidays to the Galapagos

Remote, iconic and we know them well. What we don’t know, we research and find out for you from our personally chosen ‘in situ’ team.

Charles Darwin knew this area rather well too, with the islands named after the giant tortoises that are so strongly connected with this region. Experiencing and diving the Galapagos is quite simply a life’s dream come true. It’s a feeling of being somewhere that has literally shaped the path of mankind.


You’ll want to know…

  • Far from the coast of Ecuador, within the Pacific Ocean where two currents meet.
  • Here is an entirely unique gathering of marine life, birds and the famous giant tortoises.
  • A year-round destination but May to November is the prime time to experience thrilling liveaboard diving at Darwin and Wolf.
  • Swim alongside schools of hammerheads, rays, Galapagos sharks, whalesharks and, if you’re really lucky, mola molas.
  • Land excursions can be arranged to visit the giant tortoises, diverse bird life and to snorkel with the sea lions and marine iguanas. The volcanic central islands of Isabela, Floreana and Santa Cruz are not to be missed – this truly is the holiday of a lifetime!

Flights and Transfers

To get to the Galapagos you must fly to Ecuador; we recommend flying into Guayaquil. Flights are via Europe with KLM or Iberia Airlines, or the USA via Miami. Flight time is approximately 16 hours from London.

It is recommended that you spend one night either side of your liveaboard in Ecuador. A two hour domestic flight takes you to the Galapagos Islands to board your boat.

Galapagos Liveaboards

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