Cocos Island Diving Holidays

Cocos Island (costa rica) Dive Holidays A shark lover’s paradise Tailor-made Cocos Island Diving Holidays Cocos Island diving holidays are ideal for shark lovers: schooling hammerheads, several shark varieties and a whole lot more. No wonder Cocos island diving holidays inspired Michael Crichton’s’ novel ‘Jurassic Park’. The waters around Cocos Island attract prehistoric scalloped hammerheads […]

Indonesia Diving Holidays

Indonesia Diving holidays - fantasic corals

View all Indonesia Liveaboards View all Indonesia Resorts Indonesia DivING Holidays The heart of the Coral Triangle Tailor-made diving holidays to Indonesia Indonesia diving holidays offer a truly memorable experience. Indonesia sits in the heart of the Coral Triangle, the epicentre of marine biodiversity on the planet. The country boasts over 17,000 islands and offers […]

Fiji Diving Holidays

  View all Fiji Resorts Fiji Diving Holiday Where happiness finds you Tailor-made Fiji Diving Holiday There’s so much to offer on Fiji diving holidays from diving to nature, beautiful beaches and welcoming local people. Here lies a perfect blend of white sandy beaches, coral reef, a sunny year-round climate and that friendly Fijian hospitality […]

Lanzarote Diving Holidays

Lanzarote Diving Holidays

View all Lanzarote Resorts Lanzarote Diving Holidays An Island UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Tailor-made Lanzarote diving holidays Diving holidays in Lanzarote have become increasingly popular and the island of Lanzarote is earning a growing reputation as one of the most attractive diving locations in Europe. No surprise really, as the same volcanic activity that has shaped […]