Truk Diving Holidays

Truk Diving holiday - Fantastic wreck diving

View all TRUK LiveAboards View all truk Resorts Truk Diving Holidays A wreck diver’s haven Tailor-made Truk Diving Holidays With all the wrecks lying within the sheltered lagoon, diving holidays in Truk allow you to choose to dive from a liveaboard or resort at any dive level. Truk is also the perfect destination for technical […]

Sudan Diving Holidays

View all Sudan LiveAboards Sudan dive holidays Wrecks reefs & sharks Tailor-made Sudan Diving Holidays Diving holidays in Sudan , right on the border of the Red Sea, gives you the chance to explore some of the world’s most famous dive sites. Liveaboard diving is the only way to experience those dive sites that remain […]

Sri Lanka Diving Holidays

  View all Sri Lanka Holidays Sri Lanka Diving Holidays Tropical island paradise Tailor-made Sri Lanka Diving Holidays At one of the most beautiful and scenically interesting islands in the world, Sri Lanka diving holidays transports you to this lush tropical island utopia, known to Arab traders as Serendib, hence the word ‘serendipity’ meaning discovery […]

South Africa Diving Holidays

  View all South Africa Resorts South Africa diving holidays Big fish and big sharks… Tailor-made South Africa Diving Holidays South Africa is truly a year-round diving holiday destination. It can be hot and dry, cool and wet but each season delivers something unique and incredible, above and below the water. South Africa diving holidays […]

Socorro Diving Holidays

  View all Socorro Liveboards Socorro diving holidays Humpback whales galore Tailor-made Socorro diving holidays Socorro diving holidays will take you far from the madding crowd. Divers in Socorro can discover migrating humpbacks, hammerheads, whale sharks; this is for the BIG stuff. Situated in the Pacific Ocean, 250 miles from the coast of Baja Mexico, […]

Philippines Diving Holidays

  View all Philippines resorts   View all Philippines LIVEABOARDS Philippines diving holidays Tailor-made Diving Holidays in The Philippines. The Philippines archipelago consists of 7,107 islands located in Southeast Asia. Spectacular scenery on land, welcoming people and wondrous sights below the Pacific Ocean await you! Diving opportunities are vast and varied when you travel around […]

Palau Diving Holidays

View all Palau Liveaboards View all Palau Holiday Resorts Palau Diving Holidays Breathtaking diving Tailor-made Palau Diving Holidays With year round warm water, Palau diving holidays allows you to dive with over 1500 species of fish and 700 corals and anemones. Team this with hiking through the waterfalls of Babeldaob and an encounter with the […]

Oman diving holidays

Galapagos Liveabords

View all Oman Liveaboards Oman diving holidays Closer than you think Tailor-made Oman diving holidays Oman is becoming a leading diving holiday destination. It’s closer than you think thanks to much improved travel routes. Emerging as a ‘must-do’ holiday destination, Oman diving holidays allow you to uncover a rich culture, history and more than just […]

Jordan Diving Holidays

Jordan Diving Holidays Red Sea type diving

View all Jordan Resorts Jordan Diving Holidays An ‘alternative’ Red Sea diving holiday Tailor-made Jordan diving holidays Diving holidays to Jordan offer real variety. Take Red Sea diving, good-value prices and history by the library load and you’ve got Aqaba in a nutshell. All year round warm clear waters, with the best time to visit […]

Galapagos Diving Holidays


View all Galapagos Liveaboards Galapagos Diving Holidays Charles Darwin’s Dream Tailor-made Galapagos diving holidays Diving holidays in the Galapagos are for the adventurous. The Galapagos Islands: remote, iconic and we know them well. What we don’t know, we research and find out for you from our personally chosen ‘in situ’ team. Charles Darwin knew this […]