Palau Diving Holidays

View all Palau Liveaboards View all Palau Holiday Resorts Palau Diving Holidays Breathtaking diving Tailor-made Palau Diving Holidays With year round warm water, Palau diving holidays allows you to dive with over 1500 species of fish and 700 corals and anemones. Team this with hiking through the waterfalls of Babeldaob and an encounter with the […]

Oman Diving Holidays

Galapagos Liveabords

View all Oman Liveaboards Oman diving holidays Closer than you think Tailor-made Oman diving holidays Oman is closer than you think thanks to much improved travel routes. Emerging as a ‘must-do’ holiday destination, Oman diving holidays allow you to uncover a rich culture, history and more than just a beach or diving break. Oman has […]

Malta and Gozo Diving Holidays

  View all Malta Resorts   View all Gozo Resorts Malta and Gozo dive holidays Small archipelago with glorious variety Tailor-made holidays to Malta and Gozo With good visibility, caves, overhangs and swim-throughs, no tides and few currents, its’s easy to see that Malta and Gozo diving holidays offers diving for all abilities from beginners […]

Jordan Diving Holidays

Jordan Diving Holidays Red Sea type diving

View all Jordan Resorts Jordan Diving Holidays An ‘alternative’ Red Sea diving holiday Tailor-made Jordan diving holidays Take Red Sea diving, good-value prices and history by the library load and you’ve got Aqaba in a nutshell. All year round warm clear waters, with the best time to visit from October to December / May and […]

Galapagos Diving Holidays

Galapagos Diving holidays - Darwin Arch

View all Galapagos Liveaboards Galapagos Diving Holidays Charles Darwin’s Dream Tailor-made Galapagos diving holidays The Galapagos Islands: remote, iconic and we know them well. What we don’t know, we research and find out for you from our personally chosen ‘in situ’ team. Charles Darwin knew this area rather well too, with the islands named after […]

Cocos Island Diving Holidays

View all Cocos Island Liveaboards Cocos Island (costa rica) Dive Holidays A shark lover’s paradise Tailor-made Cocos Island Diving Holidays Schooling hammerheads, sharks and a whole lot more. No wonder Cocos island diving holidays inspired  Michael Crichton’s’ novel ‘Jurassic Park’. The waters around Cocos Island attract prehistoric scalloped hammerheads in their hundreds. It’s the promise […]


Indonesia Diving holidays - fantasic corals

  View all Indonesia Liveaboards   View all Indonesia Resorts Indonesia Dive Holidays The heart of the Coral Triangle Tailor-made holidays to Indonesia Indonesia sits in the heart of the Coral Triangle, the epicentre of marine biodiversity on the planet. The country boasts over 17,000 islands and offers almost as many different cultures and memorable […]

Fiji Diving Holidays

  View all Fiji Resorts Fiji Diving Holiday Where happiness finds you Tailor-made Fiji Diving Holiday There’s so much to offer on Fiji diving holidays from diving to nature, beautiful beaches and welcoming local people. Here lies a perfect blend of white sandy beaches, coral reef, a sunny year-round climate and that friendly Fijian hospitality […]

Lanzarote Diving Holidays

View all Lanzarote Resorts Lanzarote Diving Holidays An Island UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Tailor-made Lanzarote diving holidays This island has rapidly emerged as a popular dive destination and is earning a growing reputation as one of the most attractive diving locations in Europe. No surprise really, as the same volcanic activity that has shaped the surface […]

Maldives Diving Holidays

Maldives diving holidays Manta

View all Maldives Liveaboards View all maldives Resorts Maldives Diving Holidays The sunny side of life Tailor-made Maldives diving holidays Rich marine life teems around the coral reefs: sharks, mantas and rays make regular appearances as well as playful dolphins. The Maldives diving holidays are a divers paradise Thanks to its 26 atolls, the Maldivian […]