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Oman is closer than you think thanks to much improved travel routes. Emerging as a ‘must-do’ holiday destination, this Arabian realm promises a rich culture, history and more than just a beach or diving break. Oman has an enormous respect for the environment, borne out by the Sultan of Oman’s own quest to protect the lands both above and below the waters. There are wonderful sites for trekking, mountain biking, rock climbing, 4x4 expeditions, dune bashing and, of course, diving, snorkelling, dolphin-watching and water sports.

Muscat is the capital of Oman, a kaleidoscope of images and sounds mixed with scented spices from a rich legacy of maritime trade.

Accommodation comes in a range of choices from 5-star resorts to guest houses and even organised desert tent lodges.

Flying to Oman from the UK is easy, with many direct flights to Muscat. For those wishing to dive Musandam Peninsula there are also daily scheduled flights to Dubai.


You’ll want to know…

With our personal contacts in Oman, you can relax in our organisational abilities for liveaboard and resort diving. The summer months, especially July and August, can experience extremes of heat and humidity but more pleasant conditions await you from March to June and September to December.

In Musandam there’s a good chance of seeing whale sharks between April and October, as well as turtles and loads of little critters. Not surprisingly, this is a photographer’s paradise! The area’s natural outstanding beauty extends above water too – endearingly referred to as the ‘fjords of the Gulf’.

Muscat’s jewels in the crown are the nine Daymaniyat Islands, a protected nature reserve giving sanctuary to migrating birds. Diving here is spectacular with beautiful coral gardens, reefs, walls, large pelagic fish, turtles, rays, leopard sharks and the occasional whale shark visitor.

Flights & Transfers

A one-week trip to dive Oman is a realistic possibility with several direct flights daily between UK airports and Muscat (for diving Daymaniyat Islands) and Dubai (for diving Musandam Peninsula). Flight time to both Muscat and Dubai is approximately seven hours. From Dubai International Airport it’s just a two-hour road transfer to Dibba in an air-conditioned vehicle on good roads.

For a longer stay, there’s the added choice of combining diving in Daymaniyat/Muscat with Musandam Peninsula and also of spending a few days exploring Muscat or Dubai for a memorable two-centre holiday. Please ask and we will use our personal knowledge and contacts to ensure a perfect fit for you and yours.

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