Belize Diving Holidays

Belize Diving Holidays The largest Blue Hole

View all Belize Resorts Belize Dive Holidays The Worlds largest Blue Hole Tailor-made holidays to Belize Belize offers diving on virgin reefs by liveaboard or resort along (close to) 200 miles of azure ocean, dotted with gem-like islands emerging from the sea. Back on land, rainforests, jaguars and ancient Mayan wonders lay ready to wow […]

Sardine Run

South Africa dive holidays The Sardine Run The Greatest Shoal on Earth Every year, from the end of May to the beginning of July, a spectacle larger than anything else on the planet takes place off the south east coast of Africa, from the Transkei coast up to the shores of Kwa-Zulu Natal in South […]

Truk Diving Holidays

Truk Diving holiday - Fantastic wreck diving

View all TRUK Liveboards View all truk Resorts Truk Diving Holidays A wreck diver’s haven Tailor-made Truk Diving Holidays With all the wrecks lying within the sheltered lagoon, Truk diving holidays allow you to choose to dive from a liveaboard or resort at any dive level. Truk is also the perfect destination for technical divers […]

Philippines Diving Holidays

View all Philippines resorts Philippines diving holidays An unforgettable dive holiday Tailor-made Philippines Diving Holidays Philippines diving holidays are always unforgettable. Situated on the Negros Island is Dauin. Lush and tropical, the island is renowned for its sugar cane and coconut plantations. Here you have the chance to enjoy a house reef, impressive corals on […]

Cocos Island Diving Holidays

View all Cocos Island Liveaboards Cocos Island (costa rica) Dive Holidays A shark lover’s paradise Tailor-made Cocos Island Diving Holidays Schooling hammerheads, sharks and a whole lot more. No wonder Cocos island diving holidays inspired  Michael Crichton’s’ novel ‘Jurassic Park’. The waters around Cocos Island attract prehistoric scalloped hammerheads in their hundreds. It’s the promise […]

Lanzarote Diving Holidays

View all Lanzarote Resorts Lanzarote Diving Holidays An Island UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Tailor-made Lanzarote diving holidays This island has rapidly emerged as a popular dive destination and is earning a growing reputation as one of the most attractive diving locations in Europe. No surprise really, as the same volcanic activity that has shaped the surface […]

Maldives Diving Holidays

Maldives diving holidays Manta

View all Maldives Liveaboards View all maldives Resorts Maldives Diving Holidays The sunny side of life Tailor-made Maldives diving holidays Rich marine life teems around the coral reefs: sharks, mantas and rays make regular appearances as well as playful dolphins. The Maldives diving holidays are a divers paradise Thanks to its 26 atolls, the Maldivian […]