Kruger National Park

South Africa
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This is one of Africa’s oldest and iconic game reserves, located along the north-east border of South Africa. Its sheer size of almost 20000 sq km reveals a variety of fauna and flora from thick forests to wide open savanna plains and impressive mountains. Here the Big Five are in large numbers as well as rarer packs of wild dog, a plethora of antelope species mixing with giraffe, zebra, wildebeest and birdlife that includes vultures, eagles, hornbills and storks. Around every corner is something that will stop and intrigue you.

Along the south western border of the Kruger are many private game reserves, fenced and unfenced, and home to some of the finest safari lodges and wildlife experiences in Africa. Whilst the animals roam freely from a waterhole to some shade, from a tree to a hiding place, your personal guides and trackers will take you on a bush adventure of a lifetime, initially on an early morning outing and later again on an early evening drive. You could even venture out on a guided bush walk and experience how well your senses actually react to the sounds and smells of your wild surrounds.

Game Reserves and Lodges

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