Hluhluwe iMfolozi Game Reserve

South Africa
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Lying in the beautiful geography of eastern South Africa, this is the oldest proclaimed protected nature reserve in Africa that became world-renowned in the 1950s and 60s with the very successful ‘Operation Rhino’ conservation efforts. Steeped in history, the land was the original hunting grounds of Zulu kings but in 1895 they proclaimed its protection long before any formal laws were in place. Now this protected reserve is home to the Big Five and many of Africa’s other finest wildlife species.

This large park covers about 96000 hectares and offers immense diversity in its fauna and flora. The southern section is flatter and features large grazing and grassland plains, home to some big cats and their prey. The northern section is very picturesque with its large mountains and valleys and is where the larger species of elephant, rhino and buffalo tend to thrive.

For birding enthusiasts there are over 300 identified species. Accommodation in the park is run and managed by the area’s conservation authorities, so the better and more comfortable lodges are located outside the park, all within a short drive of the main entry gates. The area is easily accessed by a good road up from the city of Durban, the hub of the east coast of South Africa.


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