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South Africa
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The ‘Mother City’ of South Africa is also the seasonal home to the ‘Big Daddy’ of sharks, the great white. Seal Island, centred in the vast waters of False Bay, is a breeding ground of the playful Cape fur seal, a staple meal for the stealthy great white shark that powers up from the depths like a massive rocket, often fully breaching the surface in a spectacular display of beauty and power.

The operational season of this area is between February and September when both cage diving and boat-based viewing takes place. The low season is from October to January when tours to the Gansbaai shark area are available.

The diving around Cape Town is also very good and includes kelp diving to see the rare 7-gill cow shark, the ever playful seals, wrecks and ‘Big Blue’ dives to view the open ocean mako and blue sharks. The waters can be cold, but top quality equipment rental is included to ensure comfort levels are at their best.

And don’t forget the iconic Table Mountain, the shopping mecca of the V&A Waterfront, the white sand beaches, the cuisine and the winelands of Franshoek, Paarl and Stellenbosch.

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